Monday, August 15, 2011

Flower Power: Sorting Task Box!

I found some flower shaped pool noodles at a local grocery store.  I have seen so many fun activities using pool noodles around the Internet, that I just wasn't going to have the children in my classroom miss out! 

The addition of the flower shape, however, adds a whole new dimension!  We've already done flower pool noodle prints.  I also decided to add them to a task box!  I found some wonderful trays at the dollar store.  I will be working to help the children understand that if a task box has no cup in the top, then a tray will be used. 

I cut the pool noodles into about 1 inch sections.  I then cut dowels to fit through holes I made in the lid of the task box.  The dowels simply rest on the bottom of the box inside.  The child gets the flower sorting task box and a tray.  He/she then takes out all the flower shapes and places them on the tray.  The rods are taken out of the box and slid into the holes in the top of the box.  The child can then work on sorting the flowers by color.

When the child has completed the sorting activity, the flowers are taken off and placed back into the box.  The child then removes the rods and places these in the box as well.  This is a simple activity the child can complete with minimal assistance!  Of course, you could also make a task box for sorting shapes by using flower shaped pool noodle slices and round pool noodle slices!  For more pool noodle ideas, check out the ideas on this Play Time Link Up!
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