Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reconnecting with Some Old Friends!

Oh- Yesterday was GREAT...even with it being the first day back!  Coming back after a month off felt a bit like seeing some great old friends again!  After the initial hugs and smiles, everyone fell back into their routine!  (Yes, even I did!)

We "went on a bear hunt" yesterday; to the great delight of the children!  We painted with cotton balls.  We sang "Tap, Tap, Tap".  We smiled, gave hugs, read books together, painted at the easel, explored musical instruments while outside, talked about the things we saw around us, built with blocks, fed the baby dolls, played with playdough....whew...no wonder I came home tired! 

Shhh....don't let the kids know....I've got some bubblewrap fingerpainting for them to do today!  Oh, I can barely wait!  Hmmm....now how many other adults get to fingerpaint on bubble wrap... :)  BUBBLE WRAP!!! (I may be just a bit more excited than the kids...oh, probably not!) 

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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