Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wishing to be...Snowed in!

I may or may not be secretly wishing for a snow day on Monday.  You know, one of those stay wrapped up in the blankets, watching old Christmas movies and sipping on hot cocoa kind of day!  Oh, yes, stay in your PJ's until noon, make cookies and plan for Christmas kind of day.  Or, shopping on line and pulling out the heated blanket kind of day!  Yes, that is exactly what I am hoping for.  At this point, probably a bit of a pipe dream, but one needs to have hope!

Then again, the first few winter days with school open aren't generally too bad either!  For some reason, the snow on the windows, the classroom decorations and the warmth of the classroom seem to slow down the pace of the school day.  Occasionally, we pull out an old VHS tape and watch a movie in the afternoon before rest time.  We often have fewer children at school on these days which also makes for a different feeling in the preschool. 

Of course, after a few weeks of this weather, we begin to go stir crazy, but the first one or two times is nostalgic!  In the past, we've filled buckets up with snow, brought them inside to the classroom, dumped the snow into the sensory table and enjoyed playing INSIDE with the snow!  For some reason, this makes snow so much more fun! 

OK, so maybe a snow day on Monday isn't completely necessary, but, yes, I may or may not be wishing for one anyway!   Go ahead, wish with know you want to!

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