Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golf Ball Art

The last two days we have had a blast exploring golf ball art.  This is basically the same activity as marble art...but with practice golf balls.  The first day, we explored this with a choice of either red or white paper and red or white paint.  The second day, we explored this with white paper and two golf balls (one with red paint, the other with green). 

Several years ago my former teacher associate was able to find free cake boxes from a local grocery store.  We have used these several times for marble art and golf ball art.  These have been invaluable in this experience because it provides the children with an opportunity to explore moving the golf balls in more ways than just back and forth on the paper. 

The kids bounced the balls on the paper, rolled the balls on the paper and shook the box to move the balls.  They also experimented with pounding on the top of the cake box to make the balls bounce up and down! When we were finished, we had some beautiful papers with amazing color throughout!

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