Monday, December 20, 2010

Um...but won't all the OTHER letters be jealous!?

No, this is not some test of your ability to decipher words from a list of letters!  These are the letters we have explored so far in preschool!  Every week we focus on a new letter.  We combine the use of a song for each letter from this Super Simple Phonics CD with a visual prompt (the wooden letters shown above from Wal-mart).   

Not only do we have the visual prompt of the letter itself, but we also use the visual phonics prompt to help the children remember the sound the letter makes (the video clip on this site gives you an idea of what this involves- although we are using a very simplified version of this).  We also have 2 items that start with the sound of the letter to assist the children in associating this letter with an item.

Well, the last 3 weeks we have been focusing on the letters "O", "N' and "C".  This week has been a review week.  With the holiday season upon us, we decided to not only paint our 3 letters (as we always do) but we also added a generous amount of glitter to each letter! 

One of my teacher associates quickly pointed out that this could cause problems in a preschool classroom, especially amoung like minded letters!  "But won't the other letters get jealous?...she pointed out"   Well... we shall soon find out.  If I walk in tomorrow morning to the letters O, N and C sprawled on the floor of the classroom, we will surely know it was the work of all the rest of the letters, banning together to rid themselves of the high and mighty...too fancy for their own good...letters...O, N and C!

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