Monday, December 27, 2010 you see a link?

I haven't quite been feeling myself today...stuffy nose, sore throat, know...probably just a cold.  Well, after spending 90% of the day on the couch in my PJ's (thank goodness for the week off) I started catching up on some of the blog posts from today.  I noticed Deborah's post at Teach Preschool and in it she talks about children encouraging each other. 

This made me think of the ways we encourage each other in my classroom.  Since my children have very little language/communication skills currently, we use lots of hugs, smiles and other physical ways to acknowledge each other.   And it suddenly made me think of the reason WHY I probably have a cold right now. 

Now, I'm really not trying to BLAME anyone for this cold...but, in my classroom, we do share a tremendous amount of hugs (this is the one GOOD thing to share)...followed by coughs, little bit of drool every now and then, food spit or "accidentally" thrown at us and various other gross things. 

I suppose it's inevitable that a few germs will make their way through.  To prepare for this I take a huge amount of vitamin C every day.  Recently, however, I was negligent in replacing that huge vitamin C bottle.  Needless to say, I won't forget that again!

I'm pretty sure most parents, preschool teachers and special education teachers out there wouldn't trade the great hugs for fewer days with a bit of a cold!  So, for now, I'll just keep those vitamin C tablets handy and get lots of rest this week...before the possible onslaught of hugs next week.

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