Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am excited to begin this brand new blog; a blog devoted entirely to random musings on the things WE find exciting, frustrating, unbelievable and amazing in our preschool classroom!  "How long is this hall" is a wonderful blog title since we walk our incredibly long hallway; past elementary classrooms, the library, the music room, office, art room and various other areas of quiet study each and every day!  If you have never walked a long hallway with a group of three and four year old children, YOU have not lived on the edge! 

Not ONLY is this a LONG hallway; it is also a hallway in which we are asked to WALK, to stay QUIET and to keep our hands from tapping, pounding and sliding across the wonderful lockers.  A hallway that holds so many tantalizing objects to grab, throw, pound and jump on.  Until you have walked down an incredibly LONG hallway with a group of three and four year old children you have not truly lived!  And, yes, we often live on the edge in our LONG hallway! 

Ignore the fact that we often sing to ourselves, tap our fingers on the walls and lockers, stomp our feet on the floor, pretend we are birds flying down the hall, watch our friend's feet so carefully in front of us that we land on TOP of our friends when the group stops and, most of all; ignore the fact that we often must ask "How LONG is this hall?!"  Ignore this fact...we are three and four year old children...this hallway is simply too long!

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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