Monday, December 6, 2010

Patience, my child...patience

For the last few years we have had a lack of technology in the classroom for the kids.  Our OLD and outdated computers for the children had long ago bit the dust and we weren't sure whether we would ever see a computer for the children again!  For some time I hung on to the incredibly large paperweights...but could finally no longer justify taking up precious space in an already very small classroom.

Quickly, I tracked down one of our kind consultants who "gifted" an ancient (but working) laptop to the classroom.  So, for the time being, THAT was all we had!  It worked though, and we were able to try out a very important piece of technology (a computer mouse-joystick) with a child last year...using just that ancient laptop!

Several months ago I had some time available to write a very small  grant specifically for special education purposes.  I wrote this grant for the Mobile Activity Player from Mayer-Johnson.  My reasoning for attempting to purchase this was the benefit of having an item with such a compact design and a TOUCH screen!  However, I am not recommending this product yet; simply because we have not actually RECEIVED it yet!  The grant has gone through the first process and hopefully will be approved in the final process. 

In the meantime, we miraculously received BRAND NEW desktop computers for the children!  How exciting!  We have not attempted anything on the computer yet (it was just set up today), but I am looking forward to using this with the children.  I have it set up near our group time area, and I would love to eventually use this for Boardmaker activities to go along with our circle time activities. 

*Note:  Boardmaker is a computer program that makes it possible to set up classroom schedules, picture prompts, and simple activities for the children all using uncluttered line drawings.  If you would like to learn more about how to use Boardmaker for children at home or in the classroom; check out There is a very good post on increasing communication by using pictures.

So, in the end, we went from NO computers for the children to the possibility of THREE computers!  I am so excited to begin making use of our new found "wealth" of technology!  Now, to begin working on purchasing a touch screen monitor for the desktop model!  Hmm...any ideas?

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