Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are We There Yet Miss Pam?

Clearly, you must realize by now how long our hall really is for our three and four year old children.  We need to walk down this hall in order to access our gym, which we share with the elementary school, and which we use on days that are too cold to go outside to play.  This would explain why recently, with the cold weather, we have been heading down this hall each and every day!  We have many more months of the long walk down the hall!

Well, for the last few days, I have had a little guy decide halfway down the hall to plop himself down on the floor and begin kicking lockers, doors, legs and anything else that comes within shot of him!  I'm really not sure how this got started, or why it continues.  I also can't seem to figure out WHY it seems to be happening at the exact same point in the hall each and every day! 

A few of my theories include, but are not limited to: a force field directly at the hallway doors (where he stops), an invisible giant rubber band pulling this child back towards the gym (where he clearly prefers to spend more time) and/or a hallway ghost encouraging small children to make our walk down the hallway even more excruciatingly long and painful!

Seriously though, I often feel as if I have a second profession as private investigator!  Perhaps I am alone in my idea of investigating young children's motives for behaving a certain way.  Then again, I doubt I am the only one who feels this way!  I often need to spend time each day reviewing when children are having difficulty, what preceded the difficulty and how the difficulty was resolved. 

Young children are rarely predictable and often so impulsive that tracking behavior can often be more of systematic strategy of tracking when difficulties occur and then backtracking to the preceding event.  Similar to attempting to put together a 100 piece puzzle with no picture to follow! So, in other words, I have about 98 more pieces to find and place in this puzzle.  Hopefully, we figure this out quickly...or it will be a very LONG winter indeed.

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