Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanted: Cloning Machine

While I'm sure if I lived inside my t.v. with the cartoons, I could quickly clone myself and my teacher associate with some ingenious cloning machine some cartoon villain uses; but out here in the real world, I haven't found I'm able to do this!  Now, forget about any moral issues surrounding cloning humans; I'm just interested in having enough hands to meet the needs of the little guys in my classroom currently!

We're down one teacher associate.  While things are still going smoothly and calmly for the most part, I've gone home extra tired and have had more muscle aches than usual.  I suppose that may be because I spend 90% of my day in a hunched over position assisting children, sitting in little tiny chairs and sitting on the floor!  I know, I know, I'm not the only one!  It just makes it even more noticeable when we are missing an adult!  Just imagine if I was actually a TALL person!  Yikes, this would be even more painful!

So, for now, our activities require all hands on deck!  I haven't been able to take photos of activities because of, no new blog posts!  I think I have things balanced pretty well for next week, so I should be able to sneak some blogging in there somewhere!  But if you don't see me here for a bit, you'll know it's because I'm out there searching for that cloning machine! 


  1. I want a clone too! LOL! Make your classroom the priority and when you have time to share - then share:)

  2. when I find that cloning machine I'm sure I'll make millions from preschool teachers alone!

  3. Hi Pam,
    Just checking in.
    Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts - when you catch your breath!
    Happy weekend!


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