Thursday, April 28, 2011

Musical Changes!

If you follow How Long is This Hall on Facebook, you know by now that I have spent a good portion of this week (my week off by the way) transferring all my classroom Cd's to the new MP3 player I bought!  This was no small task!  After sitting at my computer for nearly two days straight, I have now accomplished transferring all but about 5 Cd's which are still at school.  I also made a play list for our routine songs!   

I figured I'd give you a quick run down of how much this all cost and what I bought in case you are considering using an MP3 player rather than Cd's.
  1. I found a Sony MP3 player at Wal-mart for around $100.00.  This MP3 player has an external speaker built in.  For me, this was a huge selling point; as I can now use this as a motivational tool for a little guy in my room who HATES the transition from outside to inside...oh, and I'm sure we'll use it for other things as well!  Yes, he also LOVES, you see where this is going don't you?!  As soon as he stands up to walk inside, we will play one of his favorite songs.  Perhaps this will help save my voice!  Now, this still sounds like a huge amount of money just for the classroom.  And it would be...but I plan on using this at home for my own music as well since it holds 10,000 songs (I transferred all of our Cd's for school and only took up a fraction of the space on this)....which leads me to the 2nd item I felt was a necessity...a case
  2. $10 generic case from Wal-mart (not the cutest...but will work!)
  3. $20 small iHome speakers. (for what we need this for, this should work well!)
What else did I get?  Well... a sore back from sitting at the computer for so long and a bit of a headache!  Hopefully, this is all worth it in the long run!   I'm so excited to be able to use the play list Monday and not have to jump up and down to put new Cd's in the CD player!

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