Friday, April 29, 2011

Lifelong Learning...Planning for Music Time!

As I sat down to write yesterday, I realized that I hadn't written about the in-service the teachers had with Miss Carol!  That in-service was what really motivated me to dive in and spend the time and money to transfer all of my school Cd's to one device!

There were several things that I learned from the in-service.  Of course, I already really knew many of these things; but a refresher course and a reminder is always handy!  Here are the main things that stuck with me:
  1. Children's music needs to be sung slower than most adult music.  Now, of course, I knew this.  But, how often do we, as adults, become bored and frustrated with the never ending repeated verses and sloooooow as molasses songs for children?!  Well, children really do process language slower than adults.  And for children who are just learning language or who simply process language much slower than their same-age peers; this is even more important!  I will continue to use music that is more easy to listen to for times such as lunch or centers.  If we want the children to listen, understand and attempt to sing, we really need to have music that is much slower.
  2. Carol stressed planning a SPECIFIC music time during the day!  Now, I've never done this.  I do use music throughout the school day and basically use music for every area including math, social skills, language, literacy, fine motor and gross motor!  But now I have a specific time slot for music.  The idea behind creating a specific music time makes sense to me.  We do need to convey the idea that music is important in it's own right! 
  3. Planning!  Actually using a planning sheet to prepare for music time.  To be quite honest, I've never done this even remotely!  Music has been an addition and a teaching tool, but I've never sat down and written out a lesson plan for a music time.  Well, now I have! 
I chose 3 very simple action songs to start with for the music time.  So, with our new planning sheet, song play-list ready to go and a time set aside specifically for music, we're on our way! 

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