Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Magic Beans"

Several weeks ago we planted various herbs and some bean plants in planters.  The hope was that we could put the bean plants outside against our trellis and allow them to climb to the top!  Apparently, we were lucky enough to buy some "magic beans" because these things just took off and have been growing like crazy!
And, of course, all would have worked as planned, IF spring would just arrive and STAY HERE!  Lately, we've had wonderfully warm spring days mixed in with very cold nights and days.  We even saw frost one morning. 
So, you can see my dilemma!  If I put these poor bean plants outside, one cold night will kill them for sure!  However, if I leave them on our windowsill much longer, I'm afraid they will seriously climb to our classroom ceiling!  And, as cool as this would be, I really think they would prefer to be outside!  So, here's to welcoming spring!

  Happy Earth Day...a bit late!             Happy Easter...a bit early! 


  1. Happy Earthday and Easter!! Those did grow fast :) I love it!

  2. Wishing you a Happy Earth Day, and Easter too!
    I hope you'll be able to plant these outside soon!
    They look healthy!


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