Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Use of Those Wonderful Resources Part II !

Previously, I have written about making use of those wonderful "people resources" in the classroom.  What about resources for finding reasonably priced containers to hold items for the classroom?  I'm sure there are lots of "secret" places for finding these types of items.  Recently, I have been visiting Goodwill stores,  Salvation Army stores and DAV stores  to treasure hunt! :) 
A wooden bowl to hold shells in our sensory table!  I got 4 small bowls this size and one large bowl all for $3.00 total!
I have been on the hunt for more baskets, wooden bowls and interesting and unique containers.  These items are just too expensive to buy new for the classroom; and there really is no reason to spend tons of money!  These generally hold up very well and often can be found used in excellent condition!  
A wicker basket filled with shape sponges!  I paid $1.00 for this!

I rarely buy any type of pre-used toy at a store like this; and all of the items I'm purchasing are used to simply hold objects.  This way, I don't have to worry about small parts or pieces.  The items I am looking for are natural wood, so I don't need to worry about paint.
My favorite group time supply holder!  It has pockets on the front and 2 large sections to hold supplies! 
I paid less than $3.00 for this!  (it was originally a magazine holder)

Of course, you could also visit garage sales to find pre-used items.  I would look very carefully to make sure the items are in good shape and do not have any loose parts or small pieces that might be choking hazards. There are certain items that tend to hold up better than others: wood and wicker baskets both seem to hold up very well and are generally in good condition even when purchased pre-used!  When you buy from one of these stores, you know that you are reusing items as well as providing funding for needed programs in the community!  Here are photos of a few other treasures I have found.  Have fun searching for your own treasures for the classroom!

2 small nesting treasure boxes I found for 88 cents!
A shallow wicker basket to hold our animals!  This cost me $2.00!

Here is that large bowl that came with the top set...holding our sensory balls/toys!
Another set of bowls I got for $3.00!
This is my very favorite!  The leaf bowl on the bottom part of the photo is AWESOME for sorting natural objects outside!  I paid $3.00 for this!  (The other items in the photo were NOT purchased at Goodwill :)
Anther set of bowls with tongs for less than $2.00!

A very cool wicker tray I found for $1.00

Yes, this is just a Mancala board...but it's very large and perfect for one-to-one correspondence with natural objects, patterning or sorting natural objects.  This cost me $1.00.


  1. Thanks for you ideas and comment on Parker's blog!

    Tammy and Parker

  2. Tammy,
    No problem :) love the blog- and seeing things from the point of view of a parent rather than a teacher!


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