Sunday, May 29, 2011

Church of the Sand People!

There's a little guy in Bumblebee Boulevard classroom who says he knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up.  He's going to be a priest!  Yep, you heard right.  He's five years old, and wants to be a priest.  Here's the truth...I would bet money on the fact that he will do just that!  (OK, OK...maybe betting money on this isn't the best move!  I do believe him, though!)  More power to him.  He knows what his calling is!

Now, when we received new materials for our outdoor area, we also received some long plastic tubes with connectors to add to the loose materials area.  Never mind that these are plastic!  Apparently, someone missed the boat on the whole NATURAL part of this. :)  That's OK, the kids love them anyway!

This little guy knew from the start EXACTLY what he was going to do with these.  He built a VERY tall cross...balanced it carefully while walking to the sand pit...placed the bottom of it down into the sand to keep it steady and stood very still while holding it up.  (He had to stand on the bench to hold it steady!)

According to him, this was now the "Church of the Sand People"  :)  When a caterpillar walked along the sand it became the "Church of the caterpillars"!   Every once in a while he looked down lovingly on his small flock of children in the sand pit and smiled at them.   They continued with digging and building and raking the sand; never asking him what he was doing!  He didn't seem to mind; he was just proud of his newly formed congregation!

Later, his teacher noticed him struggling with the "cross" on his back.  He wanted to know how to nail it to himself.   Yikes!  Masking tape on skin...only masking tape in preschool!  But can you keep a young child from his calling!?

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