Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Giving my Brain a Break!

I think my brain just needed a break!  Maybe that's why I have avoided blogging for awhile!  I had my fill of dealing with challenging situations this week...not children by the way!  I think I just needed to focus on one thing at a time. 

So, mid-way through the week I had an odd dream that I was climbing a million stairs to get away from some horrible impending doom!  I've had this dream before; but I have never actually made it to safety!  I always end up with some horrible thing happening (of course, I'm never sure exactly what happens!).  Then I wake up.  When I go back to sleep, I re-enter the dream only to start all over again! 

This time, however, I did make it to a small (apparently safe) room at the top of the stairs!  I was with thousands of other people on the stairs.  Only a handful of us were safe at the top.

Here's my own analysis of my dream :)...

Good news:  I must feel confident enough in myself that I feel I can overcome whatever horrible thing is happening. 
Bad news- apparently, I'm pretty sure everyone else will perish!!!  Hmmm...I think this fact was more disturbing to me than if I didn't actually make it!  (Don't read too much into this, I think I was just a bit too stressed!)

OK, in reality, things weren't really that bad this week!  I think I really was just thinking about too many things!  I think I wore my poor brain out!  I needed to rest up those brain cells!  Ahhh...a much needed brain break!  

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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