Sunday, May 22, 2011

Muddy Animals!

We have done a number of activities recently to go along with the book Mrs. Wishy Washy.  In the book, the animals jump and roll and stomp in the mud and poor Mrs. Wishy Washy has to get them clean.

So, of course, we had to do the same with our pretend animals!  We used brown paint for the mud and danced, rolled and stomped our own animals in the "mud". 

The children then enjoyed washing the animals in tubs with water, dish soap and various sponges from the dollar store.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy has really has been a bit of a "break-through" book for one of my little guys.  After reading this book for about three days, he began to be able to help "read" parts of the repetitive rhyme with me!  This was such a huge step for him!  He was so proud of himself when I would pause and let him fill in the last word of the sentence!


  1. I am not familiar with the Mrs. Wishy Washy book! I love how the children are becoming familiar with the rhyme.

  2. You would love Mrs. Wishy Washy! It is VERY simple and great for very young children who are learning language or for children who are just beginning to read and need the repeated text.


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