Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Busy!

We have been busy, busy, busy in my classroom!  

This begins to explain why I haven't been able to visit my own blog very often!  The other reason being that we are short staffed AGAIN!  Grrrr!  Hopefully we'll just be short staffed for this next week or so (I have a new teacher associate starting soon)!  I'm looking forward to being able to function with a full team in the classroom again! 

I'm pretty sure I don't have to convince any of you; but a classroom team truly can make or break you in early childhood education!  The children in my room are dealing relatively well with the absence of the necessary number of adult hands to help!  (They would prefer short staffed and adults they know and enjoy being around rather than fully staffed with strangers!)

So, even though we are very busy, I hope to be able to post at least a few times this week!  I think we've got the short staffed management down now and I may be able to pull out the camera at least a few times, to take a few photos! 

I was just happy I had time to eat my LUNCH last week!  We can do it!  I've made time to eat my lunch...we can surely take a few photos during the day!  Wish me luck!

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