Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Think the Kids are on to Something! :)

So, apparently I have been learning a few choice ways to get things done when no one seems to be listening, from the kids.   We've been short staffed.  We have had various people coming in and out of the classroom and the children HAVE HAD IT!!  I mean, they are in full blown stomping feet, refusing to move, "DON'T TELL ME ANOTHER PERSON IS COMING IN TO HELP"...mode. 

And I don't blame them ONE BIT!  In fact, I am to that point as well.  Due to what I feel are various less than desirable decisions made by various unnamed people, we have seen several people come and go in and out of the classroom within the last few months. 

I get it, people.  Being a teacher associate in a special education classroom is not for everyone.  That's fine!  I certainly don't want someone to be here if they don't want to be.  That just makes MY life and the CHILDREN'S lives miserable!  But, is there a reason WHY you wouldn't just at least come observe the classroom first to see if it would be somewhere you would enjoy working?!

Well, last week I pretty much kidnapped and held our education consultant hostage in my room for an hour and basically threw the fit that I knew the children couldn't throw (at least not to the people that can make things happen) but really wanted to.  If I could have gotten away with it I would have screamed, thrown myself on the floor and kicked and cried. 

No, I didn't do those things.  I basically threw a "grown up" fit...Yup...not proud of it...but apparently it worked!  This was after a week and a half of only one teacher associate in the room.  You may think that should be plenty.  But, just take my word for's not. 

A day after I threw that fit, a teacher associate "sub" showed up at my doorstep.  I'm calm again.  The world is still not right for the kids.  They are still upset that so many people have been coming and going out of the classroom.   But at least there are almost enough hands to meet the needs of the children.

Of course, my poor new teacher associate (who, by the way, DOES want to be here and is doing a wonderful job) has had to go through this with me.  That is certainly NOT the way to start a new job!  But, we'll get there!  We'll find one more good match for the classroom.  We'll find someone who wants to stay for more than a month.  Hopefully soon.  And hopefully with minimal fit throwing in the the children or myself!

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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