Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wow...How Did All of This FIT in My Classroom?!

The preschool program that I teach for is undergoing some major changes.  This has meant an upcoming move to a new building and a move to a new type of program. 

While preparing for this, I have learned a few things about packing up a classroom...and I've learned a few things about myself.

First, those things I've learned about myself:

1. I may or may not have some hoarding tendencies...especially when it comes to school things...
2. I have enough containers, baskets and tubs to last a lifetime...
3. I really should have de-cluttered before this time...
4. Apparently, I have a super power that enables me to pack a ton of items in a very, very tiny classroom :)

And here are the things I would recommend when packing up an entire classroom:

1. Start early!  If you've been teaching in the same classroom for awhile chances are you have plenty of items to sort through.
2. I'm not sure if this would be the best plan for everyone; but I have found it works better to simply bring my own items home before sorting through them.  I store them in my office, then bring out like items or one binder at a time and sort through it while watching TV.
3. Take advantage of the opportunity to toss items that are not worth saving.  While sorting through binders I found IEP procedures that are completely out of date and incorrect.  Needless to say, all of these papers found their way to the shredder.  (My binders are much less full now!)

Have you recently had to pack up your classroom?  Do you routinely move locations?  What are your suggestions for packing up a classroom and moving to a new room or building?  Because, seriously, people, I could still use some ideas! :)


  1. OK, so I too am going through a move, the classroom I taught in this year, is moving to a new space and I'm moving to a new position in a different classroom. What's scary is that I've just had the same experience, I have a ton of containers, and have no idea where they all came from!!!

    Luckily my instructional assistants were not afraid to take care of my hoarding instincts and clean me out!

    1. Yep- I've come to the conclusion that those containers multiply while we are away on break :)


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