Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Teacher Feeders"

Well, Hello!  I think I recognize this blog :) You may have wondered where I went!  Or, maybe you haven't even noticed that no one has been manning this tiny blog for a while!  Well, some confessions first:

I haven't been off on a grand adventure, wonderful vacation or a teaching break (oh, except for the past two weeks for winter break, of course!)  I simply have found that a regular, extended absence from the Internet is needed on a regular basis to keep my sanity. :)  I've browsed the other preschool blogs off and on throughout this time, I've checked in here from time to time and I've pinned lots of teaching ideas to Pinterest!  I just haven't pulled out the keyboard to actually begin a post for quite a few months!

I'm beginning to feel rejuvenated and figured I'd better start off with an incredibly simple post for you today! goes! 

Before we left for our winter break, I managed to pull together some super simple gifts for the other teachers in the preschool program where I work.  Of course, you could probably make these for any gift giving occasion!  So, I thought I would share!

I found small plastic bird feeders (I think I found these at Wal-mart several months back for less than a dollar each!)  I bought paint pens at Wal-mart (look for the paint pens that specify you can use them on plastic).

I painted the name of the classroom and decorated the bird feeders with the classroom theme (at our school this is Ladybug Lane, Caterpillar Creek, Bumblebee Boulevard and Firefly Freeway). 

I filled the bird feeders with chocolates and candy and handed them out, calling them "Teacher Feeders" :) 

Of course, unless you are a bird, you can't peck at the chocolate to eat it through the bird feeder holes!  You will have to open the top to steal a chocolate out of the Teacher Feeder!  But, I'm pretty darn sure any teacher would quickly figure out a way to get to a chocolate after the first few days back with the kids after winter break!  Of course, once the candy and chocolate is gone, the bird feeders could be filled with actual bird feed and hung outside the classroom window. 

So, there you have it...a super simple post about a super simple, easy to make gift! 


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