Monday, October 24, 2011

Ring Around The Rosy...Autumn Version!

The last few weeks we have been enjoying a super simple, super fun version of "Ring Around the Rosy"!  We start by putting craft autumn colored leaves (the fabric type) on top of our small parachute. 

We all hold a handle and slowly move around the circle singing Ring Around the Rosy in the normal way...until we get to the end of the song.  We change the last line a bit. Instead of saying..."We all fall down" we sing, "the LEAVES fall down!" 

This is our cue to shake the parachute like crazy and let the leaves fly up and then fall down on top of us!  The kids LOVE this part!  They laugh as all the leaves fly around and down to the ground!  The kids then scramble around collecting all the leaves on the floor and putting them back on the parachute so they can play the game all over again!

Excuse the photos!  This is what you get when you're holding a
parachute handle and trying to take a photo at the same time!!
**Here's a parachute tip that really helps the kids settle down and relax after active parachute play.  Start with an active parachute game, like the Autumn version of Ring Around the Rosy.  When you're ready to slow down, have the children lay or sit down under the parachute.  Have the adults hold the handles and slowly pull the parachute up and down above the children's heads.  We count aloud to 20 while the children look up at the colors and feel the breeze.  Usually the children watch transfixed to the parachute colors above them and quickly calm down and relax!  It's a perfect calm transition and helps to gently end the game, as some children may be reluctant to see the parachute tucked back in it's bag!

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